Romanova Svetlana Alexandrovna

It happens that while communicating it is difficult for us to understand a person from our native environment, our culture. How can we find out and understand the inner world of the residents of China? Knowledge of the Chinese language allows you to build a dialogue with the people from China, however, spoken Chinese is not enough for understanding the mentality of our eastern neighbors. Philosophy, religion, culture, history have been forming the mentality of the Chinese people for many centuries.
We learn these important aspects through the reading of the Chinese literature. In the language of the aphorisms from the book "论语" we will be able to see the reflection of the philosophy of Confucius, which influenced the formation of the mentality of the Chinese people. Knowledge of the peculiarities of the Chinese language in the aphorisms from the book "论语" will contribute to more efficient communication with native speakers of Chinese in the case of the usage of aphorisms in a situation of communication.
Пример афоризма из книги «Беседы и суждения».
文言: 子贡问君子。子曰:"先行其言而后从之。"
普通话: 子贡问什么是君子。孔子说:"先做到你要达到的标准,再对别人说出来。"
Tzu-Gong asked: "Who is a noble man?" The philosopher said: "The one who first acts, and then says."
Цзы-гун спросил: «Кто есть благородный муж?» Философ сказал: «Тот, который сначала действует, а потом говорит».

Romanova Svetlana Alexandrovna
Russia, Khabarovsk, "Regional Center of Education".
Master of psychology.
Teacher of English and Chinese.
Personal website:
Head of the Chinese club "中国 通"
The creator of the online project "Paths of Misty Albion to the Celestial Empire".
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