Cracking China 1: Your A-Z key to understanding all things Chinese

Cracking China is an exciting new book that tells you all about Chinese culture and traditions. Now that China is poised to be the leading nation on Earth, everyone needs to know more about this unique civilization. It seems Napoleon was right to warns us ‘when China wakes up she will shake the world’. Chinese culture and traditions are so surprisingly different to our own that we continue to stumble into mutual incomprehension.
This is not another worthy tome on history, there are plenty of these already. Cracking China aims to inform and entertain with an eclectic collection of 60 self-contained topics, each in a short separate entry , arranged A-Z and cross-referenced.
The content exposes some surprising topsy-turvy conventions in China. For example: wearing white not black at funerals; gardens on the inside not outside of houses; clapping in order to drive out demons not to show appreciation; south not north at the top of maps; writing from right to left not left to right; family names first not last and meals starting with fruit and ending with soup. The book explains these and many more contrary traditions. These entries highlight social conventions you need to know, misconceptions, cultural divergence and interesting facts.
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