Edexcel GCSE Chinese Student Book

  • Photos and illustrations in authentic contexts make every lesson interesting and show students what everyday life is like in China.
  • Controlled Assessment spreads in every chapter help students prepare for the writing and speaking assessments.
  • Examiner tips and advice on improving grades in ResultsPlus sections.
  • A wide variety of activities on every spread so you can differentiate your teaching to suit students of all abilities.
  • Strong focus on learning Chinese characters with tips, advice and vocabulary boxes throughout and a section on Chinese character acquisition at the back of the book.
  • Discrete extension units provide extra stretch activities for more able students.
Ссылка на книгу: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Edexcel-GCSE-Chinese-Student-Book/dp/1846905176/ref=pd_sbs_2/259-8978156-4707837?pd_rd_w=914G8&pf_rd_p=b3232d54-1e37-435b-b370-81046eef630a&pf_rd_r=Q1DN7SQS8R8JAEZ0HPX2&pd_rd_r=f39aae5b-1198-47b2-955e-3b0ef1c11144&pd_rd_wg=C49bm&pd_rd_i=1846905176&psc=1
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