Ancient China for Kids

детская литература
In this book, you’ll discover:
  • Yu, the Great – a builder and innovator and leader of the first Dynasty
  • How a yellow dragon and black turtle saved the day
  • Tang – breakfast drink or first emperor of the Shang Dynasty?
  • Riddles, riddles, and more riddles!
  • Smelting and the birth of the Bronze Age – along a riverbank!
  • Beer for breakfast?
  • Oracle bones and turtle shells equals… writing?
  • Using shells for money
  • Wars, wars, and more wars!
  • Building a wall that can be seen from space!
  • And then came the Empress…
  • Han Dynasty’s many secrets
  • Inventions, Arts, and Trade in early China – they invented WHAT?
  • Chinese Zodiac calendar – which animal are you?
  • Crazy burial traditions – and so much more…
Get ready to learn some little-known facts about China – and have some fun along the way.
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