For partners:
We invite publishers, companies, shops related to synology to participate in our Dialects Festival. The event will take place on a special platform where you will have the following opportunities:
- your own online "stand" where you can post a pre-recorded video and tell about yourself, or communicate and demonstrate your skills or share your knowledge in the form of webinars (they will be included into the general schedule and will be seen on the homepage);
- your online "stand" will include a description of your company, your special offers for event participants, a link to your website (social networking profile);
- you will be able to invite your guests to speak at your "stands" (on various topics, not only dialectal); the day and duration of the presentation you decide on yourself;
- you will be able to hold your own session at the event (simultaneous participants-speakers up to 5 people, up to 1000 spectators of your session at the same time);
- the logo of your company with a link to the website will be placed on the homepage of the event and in the "Partner" section.
The event will be held for 8 days and will remain available for another 7 days.
Participation for the audience is free, there will be no restrictions on participants, invitations will be sent to all largest Chinese studies associations in the world. Our viewers will be able to easily switch between different sessions,"stands", lectures, without leaving the event.
You can choose to participate in blocks of 3 consecutive days (3 days, 6 days, 9 days, 12 days, 15 days).
Please fill in the form below and we will discuss the conditions of your participation!
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