Asia Hall

The Asia Hall “live kitchen” restaurant is a gastronomic project created for everyone who has a subtle feel and is able to appreciate the whole variety of flavors of authentic Pan-Asian cuisine.

The concept of the restaurant fully meets the two main principles of Asia: to always be open to people and at the same time to harmoniously combine the incongruous. Asia is the only region in the world where the endless movement of the most densely populated megacities of the world, the imposing paradise beaches and the spirituality of the great water, near which you can find harmony with yourself, peacefully coexist. The kitchen, the interior and, most importantly, the attitude towards guests - fully comply with this philosophy.
Legendary and world-renowned connoisseur of Pan-Asian cuisine Jack Wong is in charge of the cuisine in Asia Hall. For many years he has been an absolute master of his craft.

Address: Moscow, Kutuzovsky prospect, 48
Phone: +7 (495) 788-52-12 # nbsp;

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