29 - 31 October 2021

The 13th Open Dialogue

for Chinese Teachers

at school and pre-school

"Learning never stops"
— Sun-tzu
We invite everyone to attend the 13th Open Dialogue as listeners!

Open Dialogue is the largest annual international event for those who teach and study the Chinese language in Russia.

During the 13th "Open Dialogue" you will have an opportunity to:
  • Attend various speeches on relevant issues of teaching Chinese to children
  • Personally meet and talk to Russian and foreign experts in the field of teaching Chinese
  • Learn about the latest book releases from the world leaders in the publication of textbooks dedicated to Chinese language.
In addition to lectures, during the 13th Open Dialogue, contests and lotteries will be held. Quizzes, master-classes and heated discussions are also planned. This is a great opportunity to enrich your knowledge and spend quality time.

Join the 13th "Open Dialogue" and open up new horizons of your knowledge!


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October 29
8:00AM - Opening ceremony
10:00AM - Tatiana Postnova: On Communicative Methodology of Teaching Chinese: Concept and Practice | 汉语教学交际方法的概念与实际措施
11:30АМ - Tian Zhang: How does AI improve efficiency of teaching and learning Chinese?
12:00PM - Ludmila Razdlyadnay: How to use Reflective and Project-based Learning Methods in the Chinese Classroom | 如何在中文课堂上使用反思和项目学习模式
1:00PM - Ekaterina Raiskaya: A textbook for beginners
1:30PM - Tatiana Guruleva: Preschool and school education through the prism of the new standard of Chinese language proficiency levels
2:00PM - Cheng Hao-Yin 郑皓尹: 沉浸式中文課程之文化教學經驗分享-以華人春節為例(Chinese Culture Teaching Experience in Chinese Immersion Class- Chinese New Year for Example
3:00PM - Time to know each other! Go into networking, get acquainted with the participants of the 13th Open Dialogue
4:30PM - Dmitry Fedorov: Presentation of the manual "Administrative division of China | 介绍《中国行政区划》教材
5:30PM - Maria Suvorova and students of the International college for Arts and Communication: Author's game manuals for teaching children and teenagers Chinese from scratch
6:00PM - Quiz for Sinologists
October 30
10:00AM - Pavel Levashov: How to quickly master how to write traditional Chinese characters | 如何更快地学习繁体汉字
11:30AM - Anastasia Deshevicina: Reading training based on the rhythmic structure of the sentence | 根据句子韵律结构教学阅读
12:30PM - Svetlana Romanova: The usage of the comprehensive analysis of the aphorisms of Confucius while teaching students reading in Chinese.
12:30PM - Andrey Tikhonov: How to teach foreign languages online by using the interactive platform ProgressMe
1:00PM- Maria Smolova: Chinese Punctuation in Handwritten and Typewritten Texts
2:00PM - Andrey Shcherbakov: Chinese characters for pleasure or calligraphy for preschoolers and first graders, Experience of teaching calligraphy using a brush to russian children from 4 to 7 years old
3:00PM - Yulia Aleskerova and Anna Vetlugina: Teaching Chinese to preschool kids online | 如何在线教学儿童中文
4:00PM - Time to know each other and communicate!
5:10PM - Yulia Gorayna: Characteristics of Chinese language teaching to middle and high school children
6:20PM - Communication games
7:00PM - MC Cao: Methods to learn & teach Chinese characters with provided resources| 汉字学习与教学方法,以及辅助材料

October 31
10:00AM - Aida Otradnih: Communication with representatives of the Chinese community, with schoolchildren studying Chinese
11:00AM - Time to communicate
12:00PM - Olga Seliverstova: 在教育过程中利用互动机会
1:00PM - Margaret Suchkova: Interactive Chinese online courses for preschoolers
2:00PM - Maria Ozolina: How to teach children Chinese against digital challanges
3:00PM - Ksenia Aleksandrova: 学龄前儿童和小学生的汉语。 离线和在线。
4:00PM - The Moscow national team of preparation for the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren in the Chinese language
5:30PM - Sinological games
6:30PM - Closing ceremony of the 13th Open Dialogue

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