01 March 2020 

The 7th “Open Dialogue”: Art and Literature 

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The “Open Dialogue” is an annual event for Chinese language teachers and professors held by “The Association for the Advancement of Sinology in Russia”. As part of the event, we invite experts in various fields and participants can as them any questions. Participants will also be able to attend different master classes and exhibitions of educational Chinese language literature.

The 7th “Open Dialogue” will be special!
We invite experts from different areas: Literature, Culture, Art and Philosophy. Our goal is to expand and deepen the knowledge of Sinologists.
We are interested in improving the knowledge of teaching Sinologists in these aspects because of the importance of understanding China.
It is impossible to have good command of a foreign language without knowledge of Culture, History, Art, Literature and Philosophy.
We invite you to participate and talk with our experts, learn something new for yourself, expand your horizon of Sinology knowledge.

During this event,

  • speakers will share their experience and knowledge with participants of the “Open Dialogue”;
  • participants will be able to take an active part in the discussions;
  • authors of training manuals, monographs, textbooks, academic scientific publications about China and Chinese language will present their works;
  • there will be an exhibition of literature from leading Sinological publishing companies.

We invite not only specialists, but also those who are studying Chinese or planning to start.
You will be able to communicate with professionals!
Location for the 7th “Open Dialogue” will be announced a week before the event.
From 11:00 to 17:00.
Speakers and participants
“Open Dialogue” has a tradition of opening and talking about the speakers and attendees every few days.

Stay tuned for more news!
The problem of the creative method in modern Chinese Literature

Some questions of the history of studying the genre of “bianwen”

Art has many different forms
Diverse China
Images of different eras in the mirror of art
You will learn about the stages of development of Chinese art, about the stages of evolution of the face of China.
By the way, you can get to know not only those stylistic integrities that were born in different periods in China, but also try to see in these changes the great ideas that guided the life of generations of the inhabitants of the middle kingdom.

Ethics of the Chinese feast or how to drink with the Chinese people
The etiquette and unspoken rules of the Chinese feast were discussed for centuries. We will discuss various situations and hidden meanings about that theme so that you don't feel out of place at the Chinese table
Confucian philosophy and traditional principles of public administration
In his works, Confucius described ideas about the ideal structure of society.
According to his ideas, his disciples complied the book “Analects”. 
The provisions of this book have become a necessary element of Chinese education. According to the Confucian principles, the idea of “humane management” was formulated. Basic principles were written in a special tractate by his principles. Special tractate was devoted to the society model management.

Shadow play as an endangered art form
Shadow play is a visual art form that originated in China over 1700 years ago.
You will be able to get acquainted with the history of the creation of the Shadow play, find out how this type of Art is developing now. You will be able to learn about the popularity and relevance of an endangered art form.

Classical ballet in China
Authentic Chinese ballet
You will get acquainted with Chinese ballet troupes and repertoire, learn about Chinese storylines in ballet, how Chinese ballet differs from Russian classical ballet, and what kind of performances any Sinologist should see

New training manuals and scientific papers will be presented by the authors:
Pikover Alexander Vladimirovich 

“Language, symbolism and ideology of the novel ‘In the name of the people’”
Senior Scientist 
Center of Social and Economic Research of Chine
Institute of Far Eastern Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences 

Analysis of the text, symbolism and ideology of the novel “In the name of the people” ("人民的名义"), which I have translated from Chinese language into Russian.
It is planned to be published in the first half of 2020.
Popova Anastasia Viktorovna
Senior lecturer 
Department of Chinese language 
Institute of Foreign Languages

Training manual 
“Chinese children’s poems and tongue twisters in the practice of oral speech in Chinese”
“Open Dialogue”
In the 2018-2019 academic year, “Association for the Advancement of Sinology in Russia” held 6 open dialogues on following topics: teaching Chinese in schools; training of translators; the history of relations between Russia and Chinese; Chinese dialects.

Are you arranging an event, conference or contest? Are you able to release new reference guide very soon? Have you learned something new and useful for everyone?

“Open Dialogue” has “Open Mic” where you can share and announce everything that you consider important and necessary for your colleagues!

If you want to share your experience and knowledge, you need to say that during registration.
Time limit: 2 minutes.
Location for the 7th “Open Dialogue” will be announced a week before the event.
Several wonderful companies will hold quiz with prizes for our guests and participants of the 7th“Open Dialogue”.
“Territory of right drinks” company will conduct tasting of organic tea, based on mountain water from the sponsor company “Planet-aqua”. All participants will receive a special offer from this company.
Check in!
“Open Dialogue” has a tradition. 
During “Open Dialogue” participants can find an interesting exhibition of specialized publishing companies and bookstores.
That company translates, publishes and sells literature about China. We cooperate with leading Chinese publishers. We interested in publishing scientific, science fiction, educational, fiction and children’s literature. 
That company was founded in 2010 in Beijing. During this time, the publishing house has grown and transformed into an international group of companies with their own offices in China, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan with headquarters in Moscow.
Their mission is to acquaint readers of different countries with the multifaceted culture of China.
Publishing house “VKN” 
A well-known publishing house that has published most of the scientific and educational books of Chinese language over the past 23 years!
Territory of Right drinks 

Territory of Right drinks 
In the era of the faceless mass market, it its difficult to find something interesting. We live in the exhausting rhythm of megacities. In this rhythm we need to find sources of additional strength, emotions and inspiration. The Right Drinks Territory provides a full range of organic drinks from producers around the world! We have selected the best drinks of the "specialty" segment and want to share them with you!

Organic tea from China, Taiwan and Laos, organic coffee, real Argentine mate and etc.! We are expanding the horizons of familiar tastes. Now we are ready to introduce you to the best that Nature and planet Earth has to offer! 

Grey Mocha
“Grey Mocha” is an opportunity to learn different Chinese traditions, gracefully interspersed with modern fashion trends.
Nowadays it is not only about textiles, jewelry and style items from Henan province, but also about variety of Taiwan sweets.
In addition to Chinese designer things, you will find original things from the “Laowai.me” brand, created by Russian Sinologists for those who know a lot about Chinese culture.

Chinese Culture Club
“Baimao” is an online community for people who are interested in Chinese painting, calligraphy and traditional culture.
“Baimao” is an online store, where people can buy necessary materials for Chinese/Japanese painting or calligraphy.
For members of “Association for the Advancement of Sinology in Russia” participation and a certificate are free. 

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