Chinese Dialects Festival

Association for the Advancement of Sinology in Russia invite you to take part in our first international multi format online event
"Chinese Dialects Festival"
Last year, we held the first "Open dialogue" in Russia dedicated to Chinese dialects, where we gathered native speakers of all dialect groups, and invited our well-known Russian dialect scientists!
The event was very successful, and its recording is one of the few that introduce a large varieties of dialects in one peace.
This year, we are expanding the format and doing it online.
The Festival will be held 8 days 24 hours a day on all our social and conference platforms.
We invite Russian scientists, foreign researchers and native dialects speakers from all over the world!
Lectures and talks about language, culture, dialectology, history, customs, music and architecture, business, travel and much more are waiting for you!
We want the Festival to show all the diversity of life of people who speak these dialects!
The Festival will be held in August 10-17
Jin + Pinghua
Gan + Xiang
赣语 + 湘语
Yue (Cantonese)
Guanhua (Mandarin)
Special topics
Types and forms of participation
Choose from the list or suggest your own!
We invite scientists, postgraduates and magisters involved in studying Chinese dialects or topics connected to take part in our Festival! Join us at any convenient time. Your lecture can last up to 90 minutes.
classical online lecture
recorded lecture (if you have a recorded lecture, we will be happy to post it)
online lecture (if you plan to participate with your colleagues)
interview (we will prepare the questions and record an interview with you in advance)
conversation with a scientist (you can have a scientific conversation with a limited number of persons using a chat or a video)
You can also suggest your own format!
We invite native speakers of dialects and practitioners who work with dialects to hold a conversation on a practical topical subject or share experiences. You can choose any time during the day. Conversations are up to 60 minutes.
Lecture (online);
Section (if you plan to participate with colleagues);
Interview (we are going to prepare questions and pre-record an interview with you);
You can suggest your own format.
Scientific section
Our volunteers select interesting and useful materialfor each dialect group, that can be helpful in research.
If you have written an article, a book, a monograph, created a resource or any other content that could help other researchers, send us an email, we will publish it.
Presentations of new books and publishers
During the Festival publishers will be presenting the new books of 2021. Presentations prepared by authors, publishing companies` and shops` quizzes will be taking place every day. Do you publish books connected with China? Do you sell such books? Join our Festival!
Interesting facts and useful links
Interesting and informative materials will be published on all our social media every day. Do you specialize in dialects? We can introduce you!
Networking of sinologist
During the Festival, you will be able to meet with colleagues, meet and discuss new projects face to face in a convenient video format and without leaving the Festival page.
Presentations of new projects and products
Have you created something new? Do you want to talk about yourself and offer your services or products? During the Festival, a special section will be organized for you, where you can present your project or product (projects related to dialects and regions where they are spoken are a priority). These can be services, websites, manuals, stores, and so on. Everything that could be interesting to Sinologists. Surprise us.
The format can be either in the form of live communication or a recorded video.
You can find short lessons on dialects on a special platform. Learn how to say a few phrases and surprise your friends!
What will be special at the Dialects Festival:
The Festival will be available 24 hours and 15 days: 8 days of the festival and 7 days of access to the content
The festival will be held live for 8 days, and then for another 7 days you will be able to visit an exhibition of books from publishers, watch recordings of lectures, get acquainted with interesting content that will be collected.
A new platform for conferences
We will introduce you to the new platform on which AAS conferences will be held in 2020 (including Open Dialogues on Teaching). It opens up a wide range of opportunities for holding events online.
Participants from different regions of Russia and foreign countries
For the first time, you can take part from anywhere in the world where there is a stable Internet connection! Invite your friends and colleagues from all over the world!
There will be enough time for everyone to perform
There will be no more long wait, inconvenient time or lack of time. You can choose any time during the day to perform and invite colleagues!
Wide variety of content
We want to please everyone, and it`s possible! Is it your first experience with Chinese dialects? Do you study Chinese professionally? Do you do business or pursue science? We will try to find something interesting for everyone!
If you have any questions about participation, please contact us by e-mail:

We invite to participate:

  • speakers (in the subject line, please, write "Speaker of the Festival")
  • sponsors (in the subject line, please, write "Sponsor of the Festival", we have very reasonable conditions)
  • those who want to present something (in the subject line, please, write "Project for the Festival")
  • media sponsors ( in the subject line, please, write "We will tell about the Festival")
  • publishers\book shops (in the subject line, please, write "Books for the Festival")

We will discuss the conditions and possibilities of your participation personally!
Registration will begin on 1 August