The Chinese language through humane pedagogics. Art-sinology: knowledge that can be used as a tool to show your potential and talent.

22th of June, 18:00 (GMT+3)

Who will find the interview useful?
  • Chinese language teachers and other disciplines teachers;
  • School and college students;
  • Parents;
  • Those who are interested in humane pedagogics and creative ways of teaching.
What will the interview be about?

  • The definition of humane pedagogics (spiritual unity, teacher + student);
  • Creative ways of teaching Chinese (art-sinology);
  • Online-marathon: preparing for HSK of all levels #HSKmarathon (coucheesecaking: Chinese happily);
  • Examples of creative extracurricular activity / helping students to find their talents as a way of motivating them to study;
  • A presentation on Russian Intercollege Vocal Competition that took place on the 10th of December, 2019. An invitation to another competition that will take place in PFUR in autumn, 2020, with the support of Embassy of China.
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About the speaker

Ryabina Irena Alekseevna
  • Senior lecturer at the Chinese language at the RUDN University and Agricultural Technology Institute, Head of the sector of the Chinese language
  • Author and host of the HSK online-marathon (preparing for HSK of all levels) #HSKmarathon
  • Practitioner of humane pedagogics.
Work experience: 17 years.

The speaker on social media:

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