High schools of Shaanxi province: characteristics of structure and management of educational activity in teaching the English language.

10th of May, 11:00 (GMT+3)

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Who will find the interview useful?

  • School administration employees
  • Foreign language teachers
  • Those who are interested in Chinese education

What will the interview be about?

  • Structure and management of a Chinese school
  • Comparison of a regular school and a school located in a special economic development zone
  • Teachers' lifestyle
  • Main aspects of the English teacher job
  • Professional advancement
  • Pros and cons of working at a public school
  • Chinese high school students’ routine
  • Q&A

About the speaker

Alikanova Tatiana Aleksandrovna
  • “Foreign Languages” Specialist Degree and “Economy” Master’s Degree.
  • Has been teaching English and Chinese since 2010.
  • Has been teaching English at Chinese public school since 2017.
  • At the moment she is an intern at Beijing University, her thesis is dedicated to the research of innovations in the educational field.
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