15 December 2019

The 6th “Open Dialogue” for University Teachers

The “Open Dialogue” is an annual event for Chinese language teachers and professors held by “The Association for the Advancement of Sinology in Russia”. As part of the event, we invite experts in various fields and participants can as them any questions. Participants will also be able to attend different master classes and exhibitions of educational Chinese language literature.

The 6th “Open Dialogue” is held for Chinese teachers from University. Sections: different Teaching aspects of Chinese; training of Translators; training in extra-linguistic disciplines as part of the training of a modern Sinologist; presentation of new reference guides.

During this event,

  • speakers will share their experience and knowledge with participants of the "Open Dialogue";
  • participants will be able to take an active part in the discussions;
  • authors of training manuals, monographs, textbooks, academic scientific publications about China and Chinese language will present their works;
  • there will be an exhibition of literature from leading Sinological publishing companies.

We invite not only specialists, but also those who are studying Chinese or planning to start.
You will be able to communicate personally with representatives of Universities and determine future, learn how to teach and learn Chinese.
“The World Calligraphy Museum”
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Speakers and participants
“Open Dialogue” has a tradition of opening and talking about the speakers and attendees every few days.

Stay tuned for more news!
“Open Dialogue”
In the 2018-2019 academic year, “Association for the Advancement of Sinology in Russia” held 5 open dialogues on following topics: teaching Chinese in schools; training of translators; history of relations between Russia and Chinese; Chinese dialects.
Speakers and participants of the 6th "Open-Dialogue"

“Teaching experience of translation in Sino-Russian groups”
New reference guides will be presented by authors and different author teams:
Semenova Tatiana Grigorievna
Higher courses of foreign languages of Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Presentation of educational guide: “Referencing and creating annotations in Russian and Chinese”.
Authors of educational guide are Semyonov A.V. and Semyonova T.G.
Elena Makk
The author of project “Chinese with Elena Makk”
@kitaiskiy_with_em (Instagram)

Presentation of the new textbook: “Key moments of Chinese”
Zhigulskaya Daria Antonovna 
Teacher at the Hight School of Translation

Presentation of the new textbook: “It’s interesting! Watch movies and learn Chinese!”
Guruleva Tatiana Leonidovna 
Doctor of Pedagogy, leading researcher of Institute of Far Eastern Studies Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor of the Department of Far Eastern Languages of the Military University.

Presentation of the monograph: “Theory of Teaching and translation of Chinese (language pair is Chinese-Russian)
"“Sinologist: from specialty at the University to present post”
Discussion by translators
Teaching of translation
“The problem of teaching the disciplines of theory and practice of translation during freshman year”
Britova Svetlana Viktorovna
Senior Lecturer
Department of Theory and Practice of translation and Communication 
Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Pedagogical University
“Theoretical foundations of Chinese teaching and translation in Measuring contemporary linguodidactic categories”
Using structural-dynamic approach to analysis of Chinese texts in the Teaching process
Simatova Sofya Andreevna
Department of Chinese Language
Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow City Pedagogical University
Teaching methods:
Specifics of the formation of linguo-socio-cultural competence in teaching foreign languages in a linguistic university in the light of the cognitive-activity concept (Chinese language)
Khabarov Artem Alexandrovich
Doctoral student at the Military University 
Candidate of Philogy
Try, do, learn!
A practice-oriented approach to teaching a foreign language and translation.
Struchalina Galina Valerievna 
Institute of Intercultural Communication and International Relations of the National Research University BNRU
Senior Lecturer at the Department of the Second Foreign Language
International experience in teaching Chinese language: pros and cons.
Suchkova Margarita Sergeevna
Lecturer at Confucius Institute (MSU)
Teaching aspects:
Listening as a goal and a learning tool
Mandzhieva Saglara Arshevna 
Kalmyk State University 
Senior Lecturer at the Department of Foreign Languages, intercultural communication and regional studies
How make teaching Chinese phonetics more effective?
Polyanskaya Anastasia Borisovna 
The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (The Presidential Academy, RANEPA)
Textbook: “Theory and practice of teaching writing. How to write the perfect essay in Chinese”
Kruglov Vladislav Vladislavovich 
Teacher at the Department of Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Lao languages at MGIMO
General issues of training specialists
A set of core competencies and requirements for students from Chinese Department
Gorbacheva Svetlana Yurievna
Teacher from School of Asian Studies (HSE University)
Section for students:
Aleshkina Yulia Vladimirovna
3rd year student
Features of love and marriage relations of the Jing-people
The work describes customs and traditions of the Jing-people. Jing-people living in the south of China ine the Yunnan province. 
In particular, the peculiarities of love and marriage relations among Jing-youth.
Stages of development of relations, significant rituals, peculiarities of interpersonal relations are considered.

Are you arranging an event, conference or contest? Are you able to release new reference guide very soon? Have you learned something new and useful for everyone?

“Open Dialogue” has “Open Mic” where you can share and announce everything that you consider important and necessary for your colleagues!

If you want to share your experience and knowledge, you need to say that during registration.
Time limit: 2 minutes.
The 6th “Open Dialogue” will be held in an unforgettable location: “The World Calligraphy Museum”.
“The World Calligraphy Museum” is a unique place that contains an extensive collection of works in all directions, types and styles of calligraphy by outstanding masters of our time.
This is the only museum in the world completely dedicated to the art of beautiful writing. 
In “The World Calligraphy Museum” you can find new information about the history and modernity of all major world cultures: a close to heart Slavic initial letter, a strict European letter, mysterious Chinese and Japanese characters, elegant Arabic script.
Expositions of the museum include unique examples of writing, among its exhibits are world masterpieces created by recognized masters of calligraphy.

The museum presents exquisite samples of Slavic and European writing, works of the Jewish and Arabic schools of calligraphy, strict forms of classical Japanese calligraphy, examples of ancient Chinese writing that can reveal the history of the emergence of the art of calligraphy and reflect new facets of art, Russian and foreign books on the art of calligraphy, rare handwritten editions, issued in single runs, writing instruments of the past and present.

The World Calligraphy Museum is located on the territory of Sokolniki Park, which is a 15-minute walk from Sokolniki metro station. You can enjoy the great sights of the park while walking from the main entrance to the museum.
The World Calligraphy Museum hosts guided tours and master classes.
Several wonderful companies will hold quiz with prizes for our guests and participants of the 6th“Open Dialogue”.
“Love Life”
Café & Store 
Café with delicious Asian cuisine, quality music, dishes from countries Southeast Asia for meat eaters and vegetarians, lovers of spicy and sweet. 
The basis things of café are high-quality products, organic rice and noodles, tiger prawns, scallop, ripe fresh mango, avocado, many sauces.
“Open Dialogue” has a tradition. 
During “Open Dialogue”, participants can find interesting exhibitions of specialized publishing companies and bookstores. 
That company translates, publishes and sells literature about China. We cooperate with leading Chinese publishers. We interested in publishing scientific, popular-science, educational, fiction and children’s literature. 
That company was founded in 2010 in Beijing. During this time, the publishing house has grown and transformed into an international group of companies with their own offices in China, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan with headquarters in Moscow.
Their mission is to acquaint readers of different countries with the multifaceted culture of China.
Publishing house “VKN” 
A well-known publishing house that has published most of the scientific and educational books of Chinese language over the past 23 years!
“Grey mocha”
In addition to leading publishers, we have invited those who can please you with cute memorable Chinese ethnic gizmos. It's Grey Mocha.

Grey Mocha is primarily a podcast about Russia in Chinese, but in their shop, you can find unique designer pieces in traditional Chinese style.
For members of “Association for the Advancement of Sinology in Russia” participation and a certificate are free.
For teachers and professors admission is free (confirmation is required: certificate from work or another confirmation document).
You can purchase a certificate of participation (250 rubles).

For everyone else, participation will cost 400 rubles (including certificate).
For students, it will cost 100 rubles (without certificate).
For schoolchild, admission is free.
It is necessary to provide a confirmation document (certificate from work or another confirmation document) or a link from the website of the institution 
Applications are processed twice a week. If you haven’t received a confirmation letter within a week, please send your application again.
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Partners and speakers
If you would like to become a partner of the conference or share your knowledge, please contact us to discuss details by email: lianxi@russinology.ru
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