Live discussions of important topics with sinologists
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THE 17TH OF JUNE 19:30 (GMT+3)
I am a Chinese teaches. A process of trial and error.
The representatives of various education fields will take part in this open mic.
  • school teacher, the author of the Hscake project and the Net-schemes method
  • university teacher, the president of the AASR
  • facilitator of requalification online courses from the Center of Career Counseling for sinologists.
We will discuss some of the most important questions and methods of teaching the Chinese language in Russia.

This live will not only be useful for Chinese teacher, but also for parents, school students, college applicants, students, this year’s graduates, and young sinologists that are still choosing their career path.
We will discuss the following topics:
Market demand for Chinese language specialists. Should you encourage your kids to attend Chinese school and apply for oriental studies in college? The result of linguistic education: where can you get a job if you can speak Chinese?
Teaching Chinese at school: what should teachers be able to do? Should they pursue certificates and contests for their students?
Communicative approach (CA) in learning Chinese: is it real or not?
What’s the proper way of preparing and using CA while learning Chinese? What can we use from the western CA for sinology?
Teacher, student, class materials, methods. How important is each of these elements for achieving success?
School and college standards in teaching Chinese – some of the weaknesses
9 levels of HSK – what does it mean for teachers and students?
Is a teacher of Chinese a lone warrior? Where can a teacher find the basis for improvement? Associations, contests, conferences.
Life-long learning or what kind of skills should sinologists improve? What kind of skills should Chinese teachers improve?
Uliana Kurt
Author of the HSCAKE Project and the Net-schemes method;
teacher with more than 10 years of experience;
winner of the Chinese teachers competition;
HSK6 and HSKK3
Alena Pavlova
President of AASR;
member of European Association of Chinese Studies, The Association for Asian Studies, The Chinese Language Teachers Association;
has been teaching at MSLU, MCU, RosNOU, etc. since 2012;
teacher of Chinese at Girls’ Boarding School of Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation;
has taught Chinese as the first, the second, the third foreign language;
creator of the online platform, Chinese phonetic courses
Alia Arsaeva
Facilitator and supervisor of such courses as “Sinologist guide” at RosNOU, “Business in China” at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, and industry training online-courses at Sinologists Career Counseling Center;
has been working on promotion and marketing in Chinese companies;
has been working with Chinese import and export;
teacher at the Center of communicative training in Native Speakers Club;
has been teaching since 2002;
teacher of linguistics and methods of teaching foreign languages and cultures at MSLU.
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