Application form for researchers and university professors
Application form for inclusion in the database of researchers and university professors
Purpose of this Application form
The first goal of creating this Database is to simplify the search for colleagues, employees, reviewers, scientific advisers, co-authors of articles, experts in various sinological areas, speakers at conferences and events.
We are regularly approached with such requests, and we understand that we can’t manage to ask everyone who would be interested in the offer. With this Database, messages of this kind will all interested parties.
The second goal, we want Russian Sinologists to become better known to our entire society, to be able to increase their citation rate, so that as many young researchers, students, colleagues from other fields, as well as the international community, can familiarize themselves with their experience and work results.

About this Application form’s data
All data is stored by the Association for the Advancement of Sinology in Russia and is not subject to disclosure without your consent. You have the right to request to delete your data from this database at any time.
The database will have two types of access.
Closed access is available for members of the Association for the Advancement of Sinology in Russia, and on special requests (if the interested party chooses you, we send you an email, and you can agree to the transfer of your data for further communication or refuse).
Open access - your profile will be freely available.
You are also free to choose whether to post data for communication or not.
You can post the form in the Public domain, but do not post data for communication (people will know that you are in this data, but they will have to search for a way to contact you on their own).
Another option is to place it in Private access and post data for communication so that people can contact you directly.
The test launch of the Database is planned for August 2020.
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Full name
Phone number
Type of access
Do you want to post your data openly for further communication?
If you want to post your data openly for further communication, what data do you want to show?
Level of Education and professional experience
Year of graduation
Second higher education, Master Degree, Postgraduate Degree, Predoctoral Degree, year of graduation
Chinese language proficiency level (HSK or other exams)
Work experience in the education system
Additional information
Research interests
Main publications
Participation in conferences (conference name, report title, year)
Additional information about yourself (hobbies, other preferences etc.)
Moderation and adding your profile to the Database happens manually within two weeks. As soon as the profile is added, you will receive a notification to the above mail.
For all questions, you may use this e-mail to contact us:
Changes to your profile can be made after enabling the Database (prior to publication, we will send you a letter to check your profile).
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