Весь день на наших площадках в соцсетях мы рассказываем о диалектах, культуре, истории, музыке, кино, делимся полезными материалами, проводим викторины с призами!
The name of the dialect is 客家話 (Hakkafa). You can also find it under other names: Нokka, Ke, Kechia, Kejia, Kejiahua, Majiahua, Tu Guangdonghuа, Xinminhua.
The total number of speakers is about 44 million, of which 36 million are in China. The Hakka dialect is the native language of 43 million people. The dialect is spoken in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Guangdong province: the highest concentration of Hakka is in the east and northeast; in Fujian, Guangxi, Hainan, Hunan, in the south of Jiangxi and in the west and southwest of Sichuan, as well as around the world: Singapore, Australia, Canada and many other countries. It is often said: "Where there is seawater, there are overseas Chinese. There is a phrase: "Where there is seawater, there are overseas Chinese. Where there are overseas Chinese, there are Hakka people". Why this phrase is used, we will tell you on August 13!
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