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Introduction to Shanghainese
Learn a few phrases in 上海话 
Shanghainese is a dialect mainly spoken in Shanghai. In this video you will get a brief overview of Shanghainese and learn some basic phrases
吴语10地区方言对比 Chinese Wu language, 10 dialects of Northern Wu
JZH Cypher 2019 吴语6地联名RAP
《航拍中国》第六集 上海 | CCTV纪录
Learn more about Shanghai, stroll along the waterfront 外滩, visit the Shanghai Museum and climb on 东方明珠电视塔!
跟我学上海话 Shanghai Dialect Lesson Series
学讲上海话 Selection of short video tutorials about learning the Shanghai dialect
In this video you will find out what 上海人 eat! On the Youtube channel of the Chinese blogger G僧东 you can watch interesting short videos about Shanghai and Shanghai dialect.
Immerse yourself in the culture of China with a Shanghai group «top floor circus顶楼的马戏团» - «上海25小时».
Yan Jiang "Analyzing Modern Shanghainese through Missionary Scripts"
王凯 "有趣的上海话"
Thanks to the video, you can get a little acquainted with the interesting moments of the Shanghai dialect and culture (everyday life, music, cuisine, films, historical places), learn a few words and simple phrases, including intonation and pronunciation
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