Chinese Dialects festival

Articles, books, monographs, resources to learn more about dialects!
Fujian Opera《三掌乾隆》
Chinese Dialects - Varieties of Chinese - China 7 main dialects
Non-Lettered Cuisine] Food Selection: Fujian Shaxian Snacks
China Jiangxi Radio and Television Network
It tells the history of non-heritage food, restores authentic cooking techniques, and tells interesting food stories, bringing non-heritage food items from the "paper list" to people's "new homes".
Aerial Photography of China Season 2 Fujian
Contrast between Quanzhou and Zhangzhou tones
Comparison of Minnan and Fujian Minnan in Southern Zhejiang Province
Senzhapova A. The problem of comparing the phonetics of the Taiwanese idiom 台语 and standard Chinese
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