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How Similar Are Mandarin and Cantonese?
Learn Cantonese in 20 Minutes - ALL the Basics You Need
Walk the streets of Hong Kong and get to know the most famous architectural and cultural monuments in this short video filmed in Cantonese.
Keeping Chinese Opera alive in Hong Kong: Cantonese Opera, Peking Opera
The clip of the modern Chinese singer Sandy Lam is striking in its beauty and melody. Sandy Lam, as a Hong Kong artist, tries to popularize the unique Cantonese dialect. She releases albums performed exclusively in the Cantonese dialect, which arouses increased attention not only from lovers of her work, but also connoisseurs of this dialect group.
Cantonese Vs. Mandarin
You will not only hear the basic phrases in the Cantonese dialect, but also learn the features of the characters of the dialect. The material is presented in an easy form of dialogue.
Story about different areas of life: the location of floors, buildings, the use of applications, ending with food, speech, phrases and misunderstandings that can arise from ignorance of the culture, traditions and customs of local residents
Beidina Tatyana Evgenievna "Problems of independent study of the Cantonese dialect"
Andy Chin:CanPro- A Mobile App for Cantonese Pronunciation Practice Through Common Daily Expressions
Andy Chin is Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies at The Education University of Hong Kong. Andy's research interests include Cantonese linguistics, linguistic typology, sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, corpus linguistics. In 2012, Andy developed The Corpus of Mid-20th Century Hong Kong Cantonese which won the Gold Medal and Special Award in the 2019 Silicon Valley International Invention Festival. The CanPro mobile app won a silver medal in the Geneva’s Inventions Expo in 2021.
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