Chinese Dialects festival

Articles, books, monographs, resources to learn more about dialects!
This video contains a list of basic words in the Guanhua dialect. Words are displayed in the form of cards and voiced one after the other, which allows you to repeat after the speaker and at the same time master the phonetic aspects in a practical way
Beijing Dialect
In the video of the JOKER STUDIO channel, one word at a time is explained with examples and memorable associations.
Great opportunity to hear the difference between different dialect groups
The Salvation Poem in Mandarin (官话)
Guanhua song, female vocals, guitar performance
北方普通话VS南方普通话 Northern Mandarin VS. Southern Mandarin

Laugh and learn about the differences between Northern and Southern Mandarin
Yаo fеngxiаo talks about Shandong food and etiquette in interpersonal communication
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