Chinese Dialects festival

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晋语 Jin
Jin Language. A tutorial on the Fenyang dialect.

Phonetic course on the Fenyang variant of the Jin dialect from the speaker of the dialect under the nickname Hynuza Xu.
Watch the video to find out how numbers sound in the Jin dialect and to learn basic greetings. During a short story which is also read out in the video you can enjoy the sound of dialect.
Phonetic differences in the Jin dialect.
Traditions of cooking real Shanxi hot pot!

"Homeland" Tasting the dishes of Shanxi province.

Shanxi people are interested in cooking and eating flour food. You will learn how to prepare various dishes in Shanxi Province.
安徽 Anhui
An entertaining story about the dialects of Anhui province by Jiang Zeyu (with examples of pronunciation!).
«The China You Don't Know» The Land of Jianghuai and Beautiful Anhui.

Anhui is a province in the east. Anhui is the cradle of the birth of prehistoric Chinese civilization. It stretches from north to south between the Yangtze and Huai rivers. The richness of the province's culture is astounding. Not only for famous mountains, but also for incomparable rivers and lakes, people here are very industrious, so the society is rapidly developing.

"One city – one taste" Wuhu city.

Wuhu city, located in the south-east of Anhui province, is an important port of the Yangtze River. Prosperous trade has turned Wuhu into a city of gourmet cuisine. The issue covers a variety of local cuisines with an endless number of local dishes, the main ingredients of which are sea creatures and many more!

平话 Pinghua
Pinghua: a Nanning dialect with a story, with Tingzi Street being the authentic Pinghua.
Top 10 Street Food in Guangxi.

Guangxi cuisine is incredibly rich. This video presents 10 dishes that Chinese people associate with Guangxi cuisine. You will learn not only what they look like and what they are made of, but also the history of their appearance.

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