The first international conference "Chinese Linguistics and Sinology"
Association for the Advancement of Sinology and her travel-partner "MDSF" will be happy to help you organize your stay in Moscow. Feel free to bother us anytime.
We offer you a walk tour on Red Square, new and beautifull park Zaryadie, Alexandrovskiy Garden, Theatre Square, metro with our high professional English speaking guide

Walking tour of Moscow Metro, Red Square with access to the oldest store - GUM, Manezhnaya Square with Manezha building, Theatre Square - Bolshoi Theatre building, Alexandrovskiy Garden, park Zaryadie complex with observation platform.

Language - English

Time of departure for excursion walk - October, the 6th, 2019, 11:00

Place of departure - at the University gate

Cost - 50 dollars (3500 rubles)

Not included in the price: tickets to the Kremlin and Armory Chamber - if there are tickets, they can be bought locally

Due to the limitation of good guides, excursion should be paid strictly till October the 2nd, 2019.
Unfortunatelly, strict university rules doesn't allow to do it during the registration. We kindly ask you to do it online.
The president of the Association for the Advancement of Sinology kindly allowed to do it on the Association site.

If you have any diffuculties during the payment process, please, write us back.

Tour voucher you will get at the registration table on the first day of the conference (October the 3, 2019, dont't forget your payment)
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