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Professor, Doctor of Law, Doctor of Philosophy
Harro von Senger

"Chinese Non Law = Party norms of the Chinese Communist Party which are more important than Chinese law"

8 августа / 18:30 (мск)

August, 8 / 6.30 pm (Moscow time)

НА КИТАЙСКОМ (in Chinese)

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可以参照的文章 Recent Developments in the Relations between State and Party Norms in the People's Republic of China, in: Stuart R. Schram (Hg.): The Scope of State Power in China, London u.a. 1985, S. 171-207 * 全文载 https://freidok.uni-freiburg. de/data/5818(今天, 这篇文章和1985年一样完全符合现实)。
«中国共产党领导是中国特色社会主义最本质的特征» (中华人民共和国宪法,2018年3月11日,第一条第二款)。 »党政军民学,东西南北中,党是领导一切的» (中国共产党章程,2017年10月24日, 总纲,第30条). «政»代表国家,也代表国家的立法,司法, 执法。我希望谈谈党领导国家制定法律。一般的来说, 党不通过单独和特定的指令来领导国家的立法。 她使用一般的抽象规范来领导国家立法工作。 党的规范不同于国家的法律。它们高于法律。它们可以算是NON LAW (非法律)。我希望谈谈党的规范以及其对国家立法的影响。

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Harro von Senger, citizen of Geneva (Switzerland), was born in 1944. During 8 years, he visited the gymnasium of the Benedictin Coventry in Einsiedeln where he graduated in 1963. From 1963 till 1969, he studied at the Law Faculty of Zürich University where he obtained his title of doctor in law in 1969 with a doctor thesis on "Contracts of Sale in Traditional China". From 1969-1971, he worked at two Law Courts in Zürich/Switzerland.
In 1971 he passed the lawyer's examination of the Canton of Zürich. From 1971-73, he studied at the Law Faculty of National Taiwan University (Taiwan), from 1973-75 at the Law Faculty of Tokyo University (Japan), and from 1975-77 at Beijing University, Faculty of History and Faculty of Philosophy, please look at我在北京大学的留学收获1975 – 1977/ MY REWARDING YEARS STUDYING AT BEIJING UNIVERSITY (FROM 1975 TO 1977): https://www.china-in-our-memories.ch/edition1-2/#1975_8211_1977. 1981 he obtained his second doctor title in Philosophy (major: Sinology) at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Freiburg i.Br. (Germany) where he is since 1989 Professor of Sinology at the Faculty of Philosophy (retired in 2009, but with all rights of a professor). From 1981-89, he was scientific collaborator of the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law (Lausanne, www.isdc.ch), since 1989 he is expert in Chinese law of the same Institute. He was member of a human rights expert team sent to Tibet by the Swiss Foreign Ministry (August 1997) and of several Swiss legal delegations visiting different parts of the PRC. In April 2008, he was a member of a delegation of the German minister for education, Missis Annette Schavan visiting Beijing and Shanghai. He was one of less than a half dozen European participants of two Human Rights Symposia in Beijing (April 2008, November 2009). Two of his books have been published in 15 languages, among them Uighur, Chinese, Japanese, Corean, Indonesian a.s.o.
The full text of some of Harro von Senger's works can be found in the online- Library of the University of Freiburg im Breisgau/Germany
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Joint authors
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