Easy Learning Mandarin Chinese Age 7-11: Ideal for learning at home


Children can enjoy learning Mandarin Chinese from the very start with this fun and accessible activity book.

  • Ideal for children learning Mandarin Chinese
  • Motivating activities make learning fun and keep children engaged
  • Audio and resources available to download online
  • Plenty of support and guidance for parents too!
Cсылка на книгу: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Easy-Learning-Mandarin-Chinese-7-11/dp/0008389454/ref=pd_bxgy_2/259-8978156-4707837?pd_rd_w=V1zXP&pf_rd_p=c7ea61ca-7168-47e3-9c8b-d84748f5b23c&pf_rd_r=9E0G4914E6Z2Y47KNB9V&pd_rd_r=6e70df29-23e7-4471-9095-555388bad99d&pd_rd_wg=1QzdY&pd_rd_i=0008389454&psc=1

Издательство: Великобритания