China's Sustainable Use of Natural Resources (Routledge Studies on the Chinese Economy)

This book examines China's resource endowment and the country's current exploitation and use of resources and analyzes the main challenges and potential opportunities facing the country. It then discusses how to improve the efficiency with which resources are used by taking a 'full-life-cycle' approach to resource use. After summing up the evolution of China's policies and systems relating to resources and the environment, this book goes on to study how China's participation in global resource allocation and global resource governance has progressed under its open-economy situation, as well as challenges facing that participation. Based on all these analysis, the report proposes two targets for managing the total quantities of two specific metrics. That is, it recommends aiming to reach peak consumption of resources and peak emission of pollutants by 2030. In addition, it makes a number of specific policy recommendations.
The China Development Research Foundation (CDRF) is a public foundation initiated by the Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC). Its mission is to advance good governance and public policy to promote economic development and social progress. The Foundation has approached its mandate in a number of ways, including support for evidence-based policy research, leadership training, high-level forums and symposiums to promote economic cooperation and development, and the promotion of responsible public policy.
As China continues to move steadily ahead with policy reforms and investments for more inclusive development, the demands for research, transparent and accountable processes, and citizenship engagement are expanding. The Foundation is striving to meet these challenges and to coordinate policy research work which supports the work of government, civil society and enterprises in furthering equitable development in China.

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