Tuttle Learning Chinese Characters

Key features:
  • Specially designed pictures and stories are used in a structured way to make the learning process more enjoyable and effective, reducing the need for rote learning to the absolute minimum.
  • The emphasis throughout is on learning and remembering the meanings and pronunciations of the characters. Tips are also included on learning techniques and how to avoid common problems.
  • Characters are introduced in a logical sequence, which also gives priority to learning the most common characters first.
  • Modern, simplified characters are used, with pronunciations given in pinyin. Key information is given for each character, including radical, stroke–count, traditional form, compounds, and guidance on writing the character.
Ссылка на книгу: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tuttle-Learning-Chinese-Characters-Revolutionary-ebook/dp/B00KV1SK1E/ref=reads_cwrtbar_10/259-8978156-4707837?pd_rd_w=V4mlz&pf_rd_p=def27313-02d8-4931-9645-dab9534dbb35&pf_rd_r=0VQVK3W6MSF9ZPW7CDNA&pd_rd_r=fbbb15a7-42d6-423b-91e8-3c5a7ecd62d4&pd_rd_wg=whb0d&pd_rd_i=B00KV1SK1E&psc=1

Издательство: США

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