Little Sen's Chinese Holidays

детская литература
Little Sen is not a fan of cleaning but why does he clean with a passion before Chinese New Year? And why does he only eat a tiny bit at dinner on Lantern Festival? What scenery will he see at the Double-ninth festival hike? And why does the moon make him feel better at Mid-autumn festival?
Follow Little Sen and his family to experience a year of Chinese holidays together with your child, and learn about interesting holiday traditions and all kinds of yummy food! Perfect for children 3-8 who are learning mandarin Chinese or interested in world culture.
"... is a beautifully illustrated, bilingual, happy and educational book for young children who are learning a bit of Chinese or wish to get a taste of this magnificent culture. What better place to start than China’s most important traditional holidays!" – The China History Podcast
"My 4 year old daughter absolutely loves it and having her mother and I read it to her in both languages. She really loves the pictures of all the food and pointing out what she likes the most (the dumplings). As soon as we read it we had to go straight back to the start and read it again." – Sam
Children will also learn deeper lessons about their own feelings through Little Sen’s holiday journey. Little Sen may be very excited to see relatives for the New Year celebration, but other holidays like Tomb-sweeping Day can be sad or bittersweet.
This book is beautifully illustrated with lots of cute details for curious little eyes to explore!
It is written in both simplified Chinese and English, and special care has been taken to ensure the story reads in a way that feels natural in both languages. You can enjoy this book with your child no matter if you read Chinese, English, or both. Even though pinyin is not included in the book, it is available on the website as a free resource.

Ссылка на книгу:

Издательство: Великобритания

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