China & the USA: Globalisation and the Decline of America’s Supremacy

This book examines the political economy of conflict between China, a rising power, and the USA, a declining one. It provides an informed analysis as to why China is the main beneficiary of neo-liberal globalisation, a project launched in the wake of the collapse of the Bretton Woods system in the late 1960s under the aegis of the USA. Why are Huawei and other Chinese high-tech giants targeted by the USA and its allies? What is the role of the state and the Chinese political system in the development of China’s political economy, as well as its globalisation? Does China’s global rise provide a viable and sustainable alternative to neo-liberal globalisation? Since American leaders view increasingly the rise of China as a threat, how likely is an armed conflict between China and the USA? This book answers these questions by using a wealth of empirical material and debating with many theoretical schools of thought, Marxist or otherwise.
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Издательство: США