Learning About Festivals In China: Explore The Traditional Beauty Of The Country's Billion People: Traditional Chinese Holidays And Festivals

China is not only a country with a diverse culture and history but also has many interesting things for us to discover, including extremely special festivals not to be missed if you have the opportunity to set foot. Festivals in China possess their own beauty, always show the magnificence and impression that makes them attractive to tourists around the world. When you come here, you will witness and participate in many different activities, enjoy the colorful festival space of the country of billions of people. So what festivals do China have? What are the specific Chinese festival customs? When are the festivals held in China? You can explore the details in this book.
Chapter by chapter, the volume describes the customs, legends, and dishes of each of the eight traditional Chinese holidays—the Chinese New Year, the Lantern Festival, the Qingming Festival, the Dragonboat Festival, the Qixi Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Double-Ninth Festival, and the Winter Solstice—exploring the ways in which they have evolved over time and diverged across geographical regions. The holidays also serve as a lens through which to study broader Chinese culture, the arc of China’s historical periods, and the culture’s most ingrained societal values

Ссылка на книгу: https://www.amazon.com/Learning-About-Festivals-China-Traditional/dp/B0991CGQSY/ref=sr_1_30?

Издательство: Великобритания

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