Книга для чтения (1000 слов) "Чувство юмора"

This book is in the series of Step-by-Step Chinese Reading for Practical Purposes. It is at Reading Level-2. It can be used by learners at HSK Level 3 ~ 5. People who have learned 1,000 Chinese characters or have studied Chinese for more than half a year can also read it. There are 11 articles altogether in this book, all of which are selected from newspapers published in recent years. They are stories about Chinese and foreign languages, cultural comparisons and conflicts, for example, comparisons between Chinese and foreign education, the parent-child relationship in China and other countries, Chinese and foreigners' attitude towards luxuries, Chinese people's form of address, etc. Using lively language, each article is preceded by "Reading Tips" and followed by "Have you understood it?" The new words are annotated in pinyin, English, Korean and Japanese. The articles in pinyin are also provided.

Подробнее: https://www.labirint.ru/books/733757/

Издательство: КНР

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