Chinese Grammar Wiki BOOK: Just the Basics

These are the basic 25 grammar points a beginner needs to master in order to start using and comprehending Mandarin Chinese. The AllSet Learning Grammar Wiki BOOK series brings to ebook format everything that made the online wiki the internet's #1 reference for Mandarin Chinese grammar:
- Beginner's Guide introduction provided as a starting point
- Each of 25 grammar points has been carefully selected for beginners
- Each grammar point is explained in plain language, dropping technical grammatical terms whenever possible
- At least 10 clear, useful example sentences for each grammar point, accompanied with pinyin and English translations
- Common mistakes with corrections provided where relevant
- Related grammar points are all interlinked, allowing learners to form connections between similar grammar points
- The book's content was produced by the AllSet Learning staff in Shanghai, representing dozens of contributors (both native speakers of Chinese and leaners of Chinese)
- Foreword by linguist Dr. David Moser, author of the well-known "Why Chinese is So Damn Hard"
- All content edited by John Pasden, seasoned expert in Chinese learning
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Издательство: США

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