A Medical History of Hong Kong – The Development and Contributions of Outpatient Services

This book focuses on a seldom discussed topic despite its immeasurable impact on the health of the citizens and public health in Hong Kong--the development of outpatient medical services and their contributions. In the early 20th century, Chinese elite organized and operated a number of Chinese Public Dispensaries in Hong Kong and Kowloon, initially to reduce the prevalence of "dump bodies" on the streets during epidemics of smallpox or plague, and to determine the cause of death of these bodies. Later other services including domiciliary deliveries by trained midwives were added. The government founded similar clinics in the New Territories. After WWII, the government took over all the Chinese Public Dispensaries and operated them as general outpatient clinics. Over the years, more general clinics and special clinics were developed. These clinics helped improve the health indices of the population to those of the Western countries by the 1970s.
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Издательство: КНР

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