The New Housekeeper

This bilingual book is designed to help advanced Chinese language learners master vocabulary through reading.
It tells the story of Wu Xiao Ping who became the new housekeeper for an old lady. Peers warned her that the old lady was a difficult person to work for. She worked hard and managed to please the old lady. Just when she felt relieved, the old lady gave her a new task. This task would change her forever.
The story is written in Simplified Chinese and English, with pinyin provided to help you pronounce words correctly as used in the context of the story.
The story uses words taken from the HSK Exam Level 6 word list (additional vocabulary kept to a minimum). Candidates preparing for the exam can revise their required vocabulary without being overloaded with new ones. Learners not preparing for the HSK exam can use this book to build up their vocabulary in an interesting manner.
Ссылка на книгу:

Издательство: Великобритания

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