A Handbook of Chinese Near-Synonyms

The existence of numerous near-synonyms,or similar words,makes the language fine and rich in expression,and the learning of the words is an important part of language learning,especially in its advanced stage.Therefore,to distinguish these similar words is always a key point in the study of Chinese.The handbook is compiledjust for the purpose to make the reader become more familiar with the common similar words in modem Chinese and use them more properly. Generally,the common similar words in modem Chinese have several meanings,and more often than not,only one or two meanings relate to each other between two similar words.So,in our explanation of these words,we will not give all their meanings,but instead,will focus our attention on the key meanings that are easily confused.By distinguishing and analyzing these words and providing corresponding exercises,the book will make the reader have correct understanding and accurate mastery of the similar words in modem Chinese.As a result,the reader will become more proficient in Chinese.
Ссылка на книгу: https://www.purpleculture.net/a-handbook-of-chinese-nearsynonyms-p-19577/

Издательство: КНР

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