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International Sinology Conference “Sinology in the 21st century”

Banzarov Buryat State University invites you to take part in the International sinology conference, coincided with the Year of Russian-Chinese Scientific, Technical and Innovative Cooperation.

Because of the pandemic, the conference will be postponed to 2021, and more participants will get a chance to sign up.

When: 7th - 15th of July, 2021
Where: Russia, Buryat Republic, Banzarov Buryat State University
Purpose of the conference: to discuss and analyze a wide range of theoretical and practical sinology-related questions about the Chinese language, literature, history, culture, philosophy, sociology, politics and economy.

Conference sections will be announced later, considering the applications that we will receive.
Main directions of the conference:
-        Chinese literature: past and present
-        Relevant problems of the Chinese language theory / relevant problems of the linguistic research in sinology
-        Teaching Chinese and sinology-related disciplines
-        Russian-Chinese relationship: history and perspectives 
-        The Great Tea Road as an economical and cultural bridge between Europe and China
-        Russia and China: intercultural communication problems
-        China’s place in the world's history.

By the end of the conference we are planning on making a sourcebook that will be included in RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index) and posted on e-library. The sourcebook will get an ISBN index.
Languages you can use at the conference: Russian, English, Chinese
Conference fee: 100$

Since the conference requires booking and includes a tour to Lake Baikal, please sing up as soon as you can. The number of participants may be limited.
An invitation will be sent to you after we get your application.
Transport and accommodation fees will be paid by the sending organization.

Please send you applications and articles here: Sinology2020@mail.ru