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XIII International Scientific and Practical Conference “Russia and China: History and Culture”

The conference is dedicated to the relevant problems of Russian and Chinese relationship development and cooperation in social, economic, educational, cultural and other fields. It also covers the problems of Russian and Chinese modern international relationship. The purpose of the conference is to encourage scientific research on the problems of development and cooperation of those two countries, and to strengthen scientific dialogue among scholars from all around the globe.
By the beginning of the conference, we are planning on publishing a reviewed sourcebook, and a special edition of the international journal “MODERN ORIENTAL STUDIES”.
The participants of the conference have to submit their papers before the 30th of June, 2020, to ensure that the sourcebook and the journal are published on time.
You have to submit the following list of documents: an article (written according to the requirements), information about the author/authors (students, masters and postgraduate students have to include the information about their academic advisor).

Please send your applications here: RussiaChina2015@gmail.com.
Kazan University, Institute of International Relations, The Department of Altaic Studies and Sinology: (843) 293-94-46.
The secretary of the Department: Hairtdinova Roza Lukmanovna

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