Вакансии в Китае

Профессор лингвистики и нейролингвистики

Your tasks:
As a prospective postholder you will represent the field "Linguistics and Neurolinguistics" in research and teaching. Your research foci are in at least two of the following areas: Phonetic Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Neurolinguistics, Computational Linguistics. Additional qualifications in the areas of grammar theory, psycholinguistics, and digital humanities are desired. You are willing to contribute to teaching in our BA Linguistics, MA Linguistics, supervise theses in all these areas.

Basic requirements:
Have good morals and ethics, and abide by academic ethics. Physical and mental health, and more than three–year teaching and research full-time working experience, able to meet the job requirements.

About us:
Based on the Teaching and Research Office for Foreign Languages founded in 1956, School of Foreign Languages (SFL) was established in 2001. SFL offers a first level master’s degree in Foreign Languages and Literature and a master’s degree in Interpreting and Translation. Under the first level of Foreign Languages and Literature, areas of study include: Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Cognitive Neurolinguistics, Translation, Foreign Literature (including English, French, Japanese and Russian), Comparative Literature and Intercultural Studies, Country and Regional Studies, and other research areas. In addition, we also offer a Master program for a professional degree, i.e., Master of Translation and Interpreting (MTI). There are now 107 faculty members and more than 700 students with a 10% annual growth rate.

We have Cognitive Neurolinguistics Lab, focusing on the cognitive system of the language learning and education.

The experimental equipment at the lab includes:
- Brain functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging systems (GE 3.0T MR750 magnetic resonance scanner, etc.);
- The neuroelectrophysiological experimental systems (128/64 channel EEG recording system);
- The eye tracker;
- The transcranial magnetic stimulation system.

- Personal Curriculum Vitae with the list of academic achievements and representative achievements
- A photocopy of the PHD degree certificate, and the current professional and technical position/rank certificate, and award certificate, etc.

Application Deadline: (Open until filled)

Email Address for Applications: shirleysuyang163.com
Contact Information:
Ms. Shirley SU
Email: yangshirley.suuestc.edu.cn