October 28-30, 2022

XVI Open Dialogue

Teaching Chinese in schools

online-offline (Moscow)
Open Dialogue is an annual event held by the Association for the Development of Sinology. As part of the event, experts in various fields are invited, to whom participants can ask any questions they are interested in, master classes are also held, and educational literature on the Chinese language and Sinology is introduced.
The 16th Open Dialogue is held for Chinese language teachers teaching at all levels of pre-university education and brings together representatives of public and private schools, leaders of online and offline courses, publishers and authors of manuals.
The open dialogue will be held online and offline.
Registration for the speakers
Presentation Format

Separate speaker's presentation:
The speaker can declare a topic for their presentation, choose the convenient time and date.

Joint presentation:

Universities, scientific schools, organizations can declare their joint presentation and invite several speakers to it. When registering, it is necessary to register each speaker separately, indicating in the description of the topic to which presentation the speaker belongs to.

Time Limit:
Presentations are held offline and online. In the online format, the speaker is given a separate room without time limits, and in the offline format, the speaker is given 30 minutes to speak on one topic.

For all additional questions, contact us by mail or social networks.
Confirmation takes place within 72 hours.
After the topic will be approved, instructions for event registration on the platform will be sent to the stated e-mail. Speakers can also register as attendees
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The final approval of the date is made by the organizers, we will try to take into account the wishes of the speakers
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The conference runs continuously for 72 hours
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Partners of the 16th Open Dialogue
If you want to become a partner of the Open Dialogue, please contact us lianxi@russinology.ru

Listener Registration

The package of the participant of the 16th "Open Dialogue" includes:

Participation in the conference within 72 hours

Member Certificate

Access to recordings for two weeks

For the forms of payment and for legal entities, please write a request in free form to the mail lianxi@russinology.ru


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