Бесплатная 2-хнедельная программа повышения квалификации
Государственный университет Чжэнчжи 國立政治大學 (г. Тайбэй) предлагает бесплатную двухнедельную программу повышения квалификации (стажировки) по методике преподавания китайского языка как иностранного.
Время проведения (всего три вида курсов):
1. С 17 октября по 31 октября – Грамматика китайского языка и использование корпуса языка;
2. С 14 ноября по 26 ноября – Иероглифика и изобразительное искусство: китайская живопись и каллиграфия;
3. С 03 декабря по 18 декабря – Фонетика китайского языка и технологии ее обучения.

Для иностранных учащихся курс является бесплатным. Кроме того, Государственный университет Чжэнчжи покрывает расходы на проживание и медицинскую страховку. При успешном прохождении курса выдается сертификат установленного образца.

Более подробную информацию можно получить у организатора:
國立政治大學 華語文教學博碩士學位學程 電話:(02)29393091 ext.62556 傳真:(02)2938-7457 地址:11605 台北市文山區指南路二段64號 國際大樓五樓 360503室
Email Address: tcsl.nccu@gmail.com
Mandarin Syntax and Corpus Application (2 credits) The course consists of two parts. The first part of the course introduces the basics of Mandarin syntax including a brief overview of Mandarin syntactic structures and how to carry out syntactic analyses; the second part introduces corpus and its application, and how corpus can assist language teaching and learning. This class includes a visit to National Academy for Educational Research, which houses a textbook library, various resources of corpus and dictionaries.
Word and Image: The Art of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy (2 credits) Chinese painting is often described as an expression that blends painting, calligraphy and poetry. What does it mean? The class will introduce the idea and development of this artistic expression; study and understand representative examples of works from different periods, and finally discuss the significance of this art form in Chinese culture. These will be done through lectures and demonstrations by artists and calligraphers, and visits to the National Palace Museum and the Museum of the Institute of History and Philology at the Academia Sinica, both of which houses some of the best and most representative Chinese art works outside of China.
Mandarin Phonetics and Learning Technology (2 credits) The central goal of this class is to cover a wide range of knowledge including the following topics:
1) Human evolution by the anatomical changes in the vocal tract;
2) The chronological account of language development in the first 18 months of children through perception and production;
3) The development of production templates and the gradual construction of phonological system in Mandarin children;
4) A series of trainings for transcribing and reading the symbols of International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA);
5) The acoustic properties to be investigated involve the time domain features such as the amplitude of a waveform, the duration, F0, and the frequency domain features such as the frequency spectrum, the spectrogram, and/or combined spectrotemporal features;
6) Analysis of broadband spectrograms by using the program of PRAAT (Boersma and Weenink, 2018).
This class involves lecture sessions, lab work, practice of teaching demonstration in Mandarin pronunciation, and a field trip to high-tech industry.
Domestic and Foreign/exchange students who are interested in teaching Chinese as a second language. Chinese language teachers who would like to enhance their teaching skills.

Courses are taught in Mandarin Chinese/English, students need to have Mandarin/English language proficiency in order to complete the course.

NCCU students - Same as regular course
Non NCCU students - 2,250 元/ credit
Foreign/exchange students - Waived*

Upon Completion
For NCCU students, credits can be transferred into their subsequent study in the Master's program of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language at National Chengchi University For non-NCCU students, credits can be transferred into the program which they are currently enrolled in. Foreign students will receive a certificate of completion. The credit(s) can be waived towards the Master's program of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language at National Chengchi University if students are admitted into the program.

Insurance (for foreign students)
Please make sure to purchase and obtain the medical and accident insurance before your arrival. During your stay in Taiwan, the insurance should cover medical and hospital expenses for sickness or accident. The medical or hospital expenses are expected to be paid at the time of treatment in Taiwan.
*Tuition fee for foreign students is waived and stipend will be granted for accommodation and health insurance during the stay in Taiwan.
National Chengchi University
PhD and MA program in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language
Tel:(02)29393091 ext.62556 Fax:(02)2938-7457
Address:No. 64, Sec. 2, ZhiNan Rd., Wenshan District, Taipei City 11605, Taiwan
Email Address: tcsl.nccu@gmail.com

國立政治大學 華語文教學博碩士學位學程
電話:(02)29393091 ext.62556 傳真:(02)2938-7457
地址:11605 台北市文山區指南路二段 64 號 國際大樓五樓 360503 室
Email Address: tcsl.nccu@gmail.com
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