3 Dec 2021 - 5 Dec 2021

The 14th Open Dialogue

Teaching Chinese at the university: new approaches

The Association for the Advancement of Sinology in Russia is glad to invite you to participate in the 14th Open Dialogue!

The Open Dialogue is one of the largest annual international event in Russia for those who teach Chinese. During the Open Dialogue, speakers can present their own teaching methods and share practical advice.

The 14th Open Dialogue will be devoted to methods of teaching Chinese, speakers from all over the world will take part in numerous discussions and share the conclusions of their latest studies.

We invite teachers, publishers and authors of student textbooks and companies specializing in the Chinese language, to participate in 14th Open Dialogue and present new books, tell about the requirements for preparing specialists in the field of the Chinese language, and, of course, share opinions with colleagues from all over the world.

The 14th Open Dialogue will be held online.

Presentation formats
An individual or group performance on a topic, presentation of a project. The webinar implies communication and interaction with the audience, allowing every participant to share their opinion and experience.
It is an activity for mastering the practical skills using various methods and techniques. The purpose of the master-class is to improve skills, broaden horizons and get acquainted with the latest fields of knowledge. During the master-classes, the first part is devoted to the theory and the second - to the practice. During the practical part, the expert shows how to use the theory in practice.
During the brainstorm, the participants are drawn to discuss some question or problem. They should come up with as many ideas as possible on how to solve it. Then, select the best ideas that later might be used in practice.
You can also suggest your own presentation format!

The duration of the presentation is not limited.

The previous "Open dialogues"

Brief review

The previous meetings of "open dialogues" were quite productive. The speakers not only introduced their topics, but also had a discussion with the listeners, gave them consultations. Every session's chat was full of messages sent by attendees. Speakers could establish dialogue with listeners and exchange contacts with them.

The "Networking" section helped all the participants to have a conversation with each other, because after every session the speaker and the listeners could join "Networking" and have a private talk.

In the "Expo" sections attendees could find the information about the partners of "Open dialogue". The section contained useful links, which allowed the participants to check the websites and get the contacts.

Also, the attendees tested their knowledge by taking part in different sinological quizzes and contests and got prizes.

Statistics showed that 259 people from 15 countries attended the "13th Open dialogue" and spent 7 hours on average on the meeting platform. In the chat participants sent 1183 messages in total. There were 35 speakers presented their topics in 3 languages: Russian, Chinese and English.

Registration for speakers

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Our partners
If you want to be a part of this event as a company, please, write us  lianxi@russinology.ru
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