Jin Dialect

Chinese name: 晋语
Area: Shanxi, northern Shaanxi and Henan, western and central part of Inner Mongolia, western Hebei
Number of speakers: 63.05 million people

Pinghua Dialect

Chinese name: 平话
Area: Guangdong province and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
Number of speakers: more than 7 million people

Hui Dialect

Chinese name: 徽语
Area: Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangxi
Number of speakers: more than 4 million people

Moscow time
Hilário de Sousa
Some notes on Pinghua
The linguistic situation in Guangxi is relatively less-known in the west. In this talk we will look at some linguistic features of Pinghua of Guangxi, and the various opinions on the affiliation of Pinghua in relation to the other Sinitic dialect groups, especially Yue.


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