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The 6th Open Dialogue

On the 15th of December there was the 6th Open Dialogue in the Modern Calligraphy Museum.

Some numbers:
15 presentations;
5 hours and 49 minutes of live translation;
7 hours of discussion with our colleagues;
86 sinologists from many Russian cities (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Elisti, Ulan-Ude, Belgorod, Volgograd, Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk, Balashiha)
Representatives from Chinese faculties of Moscow universities;
50 stories on Instagram;
100 likes on our social media on the very first day;
160 views of our live on Youtube.

We are thankful to the Modern Calligraphy Museum, where the event took place, and to the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre’s president Shaburov Alexey Urievich for supporting out activities!
Modern Calligraphy Museum is a very beautiful place that you should visit if you have a chance.
We are thankful to the MCM and the SECC team for helping us to hold this event. We are also thankful to the volunteers who worked very hard that day. We are thankful to the speakers for expressing their various points of view and for representing a special part of sinology. We’ve listened to both famous sinologists and scholars, and young specialists and bloggers. There were a lot of sensitive questions, and a lot of discussions, but that’s what our open dialogue is for! We want to exchange opinions, experience, and to get inspired for new projects!

You can more information on this event here

All of your feedback will be highly appreciated by the organization team who’s worked very hard to make this event happen. If you mention us (@russinology) on social media, we will make sure to take your words into consideration. You can also leave feedback here: http://russinology.ru/opendialog6#rec150848936

Thank you everyone!
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