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Our goals
· Development and integration of the Russian professional community of sinologists;
· futher develope Chinese Studies and the development of sinology in the Russian Federation;
· development of youth interests in the field of sinology, and its integration into the sinological community;
· promoting creative and intellectual communication of members of the Association;
· promoting research in the field of sinology for scientific and educational purposes;
· providing opportunities of continuous professional development for members of the Association, the level of knowledge of the Chinese language and the teaching of the Chinese language;
· development of academic, methodological and cultural ties and contacts with foreign scientists and teachers, with national associations of Sinologists, other organizations and movements involved in Sinology issues.
· supporting scientific and pedagogical initiatives, enhancing prestige, representing and protecting the common interests of members of the Association.
Our activities
The association holds several events a year. "Open dialogue" is a regular event that takes place 4 times a year: in October, December, February and April. It is aimed at popularizing research in various branches of Chinese Studies; it represents free and open communication of colleagues on issues identified by the topic of the dialogue. Speakers are specialists in their field. Open to visit for all comers.
Association for the Advancement of Sinology conference is an annual international academic event. This is a platform for the exchange of academic achievements among the sinologists.

Association for the Advancement of Sinology is also actively involved in organizing partner events.
Filming events, lectures and interviews.
Association for the Advancement of Sinology plans to issue its own online publication in 2020. At this stage, Association for the Advancement of Sinology publishes announcements of articles, books, monographs on its Website. (News)

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